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By Rob Theakston, March 31, 2022

This book is massive in both senses of the word. This large-format book is coffee-table thick and could easily provide the reader with a solid arm workout while holding it up to be read. It also covers every imaginable angle on Lodi and could very well serve as the definitive work on the region.

Thanks to meticulous editorial work, Randy Caparoso’s book is much more than a trip through the hundreds of blog posts he has published on Lodi over the last decade. It expertly crafts a story of a region whose story has been under-told until now. The long-time sommelier, consultant, and columnist tackles the region’s history, challenges, and major personalities, and much to his credit gives life and a sense of place to the region beyond the normal tall tales and anecdotes. Not to be outdone, the hundreds of crystal-clear photographs heighten the impact of his words. The two mediums blend together and complement one another in a captivating way, capturing the soul of this community without resorting to tropes.

Part university-level course, part guidebook, and part tribute, Lodi! is a book geared towards scholars and diehard enthusiasts, but the jargon-free language, relaxed tone, and amusing storytelling make the hefty tome approachable enough for newcomers and casual readers.

It’s well worth the investment of time to pour a larger-than-usual serving of Lodi wine, find a quiet space, and travel to a fascinating place for a few hours.